SCAVA Project

Scava Documentation

This web site is the main documentation place for the Eclipse Scava project.

SCAVA Installation Guide

The SCAVA installation guide provides instructions on how to install and configure the CORSSMINER Platform on a server and how to deploy the Eclipses Plugin in development environment.

SCAVA User Guide

The SCAVA user guide provide general instruction to analyse open sources repository using the platform, visualise the collected data using the visualisation dashboard and access to analysis service provided by the platform by the intermediary of the eclipse plugin.

SCAVA Developers Guide

The developers guide is dedicated to who peoples which went to extend the capability of the platform or integrate external tools by the intermediary of the public REST API.

SCAVA Contributors Guide

The SCAVA Contributors guide containes all the material related to the architecture of the platform which could be useful for projects members and external open sources contributors.

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